About our bohemian scarves

The Naudic scarves are created from artisan techniques from different regions of India, these techniques are transferred to cotton and modal fabrics, to produce a soft and elegant scarf and warp. A fusion of eastern and western cultures to give an elevated and unique look. Each scarf has a different look and feel because of the techniques being hand done.

 Blue Star Boho Scarf

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Why you should own one

When you are looking for an outfit change or just want to add some colour to an all-black or neutral outfit, these are the go-to pieces to change your look, because the colours are all tonal, they will look good with any colours in your wardrobe, brights, neutrals or darks. They are also useful for those in-between seasons, when it can still be a bit cool, you can wrap them around your neckline to stay warm, these can also be used as a bohemian head scarf. Throw over a jacket to create an elevated classic look.

Modal Boho Scarf

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Styling our scarves - dresses, outerwear, bottoms, shoes, accessories and more

Add one of our hand-block boho scarves to a Naudic essential colour silhouette, perfect for the warm and cooler days, they can be used for a shoulder wrap, a head scarf, a sarong or a throw over the arms. The colour palettes are classic navy, reds and caramels, which will match back with any street walker or wedge shoe.

Modal Boho Scarf

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