Are there magic ingredients for a mostly unplanned birthday week, that turns out perfectly? 
It started with a brief conversation amongst some of my oldest friends. These are the ones that have known me from way back, when we were all starting out on our life journeys.  We are woven together by shared experiences, and we came together this past week to celebrate March birthdays. 
It was just by chance that everything fell into place. After all, it is hard enough to organise lunch with a group of friends, let alone align schedules to fly in from around the world. But align it did, and off to Bali we went!
Bali was the most central destination for all of us, and we were heading to an island I’d never heard of. After a 40 minute ferry ride from the main island we arrived in Nusa Lembongan, an authentic and relaxed paradise with no cars, only scooters and accommodation shuttles to move you around.
Arriving by boat and stepping straight to the beach barefoot set the scene for this trip. With no shoes required, this is peak relaxation and ‘island time’. Once our suitcases were unloaded by helpful hands we were scootered down to our accommodation. Ketut Losmen Bungalows is a tucked away Indonesian-designed resort, family run and mixing authenticity with luxury. And, it only takes five steps to get to the ocean. 
Needless to say, my first impression was one of awe. However, after a week in this paradise, of hanging out and chatting to locals and other travellers, my strongest impression was one of simplicity. Once again, I was reminded that we don’t need a lot to live joyfully.
The best way to explore the island is by scooters, which I was nervous about. However, it was vital I set these fears aside, as taking these journeys means that you can reach remote places … tucked-away coves like Dream Point, with postcard-ready views of mountains, sea and sand. In these places, all the elements shine together in the perfect vista.
Of course, the waters surrounding the island provided plenty of unmissable delights. We enjoyed snorkelling a couple of times, jumping straight from boat to sea to view the wonders beneath the water. Down there, you could see stingrays, turtles, and technicolour coral in crystal clear water. This tranquil scene really provided the perfect escape from the everyday.
On the island, the biggest decision of the day was deciding what direction to take and waterfront restaurant to choose for dinner. The choices are endless, with Western food (burgers, fries, and Italian, who would’ve thought on a remote island!) if you fancy something other than Indonesian and want a hit of carbohydrates.
Island time is an escape (mostly) from work. However, between activities I did carve out time for a bit of work, including one live TV shopping show from my bungalow, and some planning for coming collections. I'm currently in the middle of brainstorming for summer 2024, and over time I’ve learned that an escape provides the perfect environment for creativity. Away from my everyday life, inspiration flows freely. Despite having so much ‘time off’ and making my focus relaxation, I always find I am very productive. Sitting on the island with some time and space, I visualised the upcoming summer styles and stories.
Mostly, my birthday escape to Nusa Lembongan with friends was about laughter and storytelling, both of which are at the heart of Naudic. Here’s to the joy of living and the connections found along the way.  This was a trip to remember.
Until next time,