On the road through Northern NSW to Sydney.

April 2021…

There is something about being on the road that clears my head, I seem to be able to get more done, the type of things I like and want to do, because want is also important as well.

When we were told again within twenty-four hours there was going to be another three-day-er lockdown, this really means more than just staying inside, it is the containment and slowing down of the wheels of life, creative life that affects me, business and living.

I said to my family, I’m heading off. I was meant to be in Sydney for the TV shopping show, for the coming Easter weekend, instead, I decided to leave immediately. I put the signal out to my family, OK I’m leaving at 3pm, then it was 2pm, then it was no we are leaving now, who is coming with me? Sophia was the taker, in the middle of exam and assignment block she quickly packed up.

We threw everything in the car and crossed the QLD to NSW border with 15 mins before 5pm, there was a mutual sign of relief. Arriving into Yamba at dinnertime on a Monday night, just in time for the sunset photo, a schnitzel and a hamburger dinner at the local Yamba cliffside hotel. Views to dream about, energy that was contagious, we managed to get home to our refurbished warm and welcoming roadside motel for Sophia to submit her assignment on Entrepreneurship and Marketing, she was learning in real life. Plus listening to me in the car on the 4-hour trip.



On our southern trip we took time to stop into Bellingen, Newcastle, Sawtell, Coffs Harbour, and then happily pulled into Sydney ready to unload and set up as we were just about to launch Wonderland. Probably one of my favourite collections, truly mixing the East and West with the fabrics, the trim, the embroidery, the styles.


The Campaign was photographed in India, it had the blend of everyone that is special to the unique essence to create for Naudic. A team who are part family, part new team members, it has been a combination of energies and skills to produce and deliver this range, the feedback has been positive and really loving. An example of what is possible in the world now. A big thanks to everyone involved, the Naudic community loves Wonderland.


Being back in the TV studio for the first time in over a year, was warming to be in front of the Naudic audience, even though I can’t see you all, the styles sell well and the best part is we can tell the story behind the scenes of how our collections are made, what’s different this time to the previous collection, what goes into the design concepts, why we choose the fabrics and trims. Also, the live Q&A is my favourite part.



The next catch-up event is this coming week at the Sydney retailers trade show, a good opportunity to see everyone again face to face after all this time, come and say hi! We are on stand G57 in all our Naudic glory.


The days in between these two events have been filled with enjoying the east coast beaches of Sydney, the walks, running again, yoga and early morning exercise around Clovelly, Bronte and Bondi, followed by a sauna, then the new favourite Immune Boosting Broth, so simple, but full of nutrients. I’ve been daily addicted to this new ritual, and the essential couple of hours of writing something, either the Travel Blogs, Naudic News or part of our new projects, the time away just like I did in January in a new location, near the sea, has been the much needed up-lifting new experience, while we stay safe in Australia for a bit longer.

Till next time,