In my twenties, my sisters and I travelled through Europe and headed towards France and the French Riviera. We planned to stay for one week but ended up staying for six and were invited into people’s homes. We did long road trips and camped out with 5 star views. To enjoy past memories, bring joy today and dream about the future happiness in travelling tomorrow.

A Countryside Escape

From the rolling vineyards and forests of Provence, to the golden beaches of sun-kissed Monte Carlo, and the Renaissance architecture of Lyon, I love when memories transport the sights and sounds of a place. A mecca of fashion, food, and film, France endlessly captivates imaginations, carving out a unique and vivid space in our consciousness, existing in both the past and present. Inspiration comes from the varied landscapes, people, and culture of the country, and evokes the timeless simplicity of provincial living, golden-toned like the sunsets and stones that adorn the houses.

The Blush of a French Rose

Hued in deep pinks, blues, and cream, France echoes beauty from the sparkling waters of the Riviera in the south, the blush of a glass of rosé and the sands of Brittany, and the snow-capped alps. Complemented with florals that decorate the fields from Normandy to Burgundy to the Pyrenees, escape the everyday, any day.