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London street walking, real-life inspiration, and street art

Before we all got sent to our rooms, the places where I find inspiration are on the streets. This was ignited when I first graduated could not find a job in Brisbane, saved hard, got a one-way ticket to London, found a job within a week, and then started exploring. The streets of London kick started the creativity, looking, seeing, and feeling what happens on the streets fills up the tank. London ignited this and has stayed with me.

West Kensington and Hammersmith are a favourite haunt, there is a mixture of all cultures, at the end of my old street were lots of tiny authentic restaurants that served different versions of Middle Eastern food, the street markets were low key, fresh from the supplier. You could fill up your string bag with enough fruit and vege to feed you for a week. The locals would all meet there and chat. The pub on the corner was the hang out for a tasty cold pint on a Friday night.

Just around the corner you would hit the High street, rows of boutiques with the latest in fashion and street wear, things for every occasion.

Walking through West Kensington, you would past Hollard Park, a small green space for restless kids to run wild.

At the end of West Kensington high street, it leads you past Knightsbridge, I’d turn a blind eye because the real estate and shops in that area are divine, Harrods was an experience in itself and it was best to leave your wallet at home to avoid temptation.

Across the road you hit one corner of beautiful Hyde Park, the place where you can see concerts for free, have late afternoon picnics with your friends and family, lounge around in the heart of London, feel and hear the vibe but not be amongst the craziness of it all. Some fun things to do, is grab some gourmet premade food from Harrods then go and sit in Hyde Park. Ride a bike through the park or walk with a beloved.

On the other side of Hyde Park in a favourite corner of London, where my joy for the bohemian feeling of clothing was ignited, the streets of Notting Hill and Portobello Rd, the feeling of clothing and how to combine prints and different fabrics started there.

With street walking and visiting new places, now I love to look for the special in the usual, you learn so much about a culture, just by going out walking and seeing.

Last trip to London was in 2018, it was the best summer London had seen for years. I went back to launch Naudic in the UK market at a trade show, the part I enjoyed was walking the streets of London, rediscovering the areas that I used to hang out in.

Other favourites

  • Soho and West End – theatre galore, fun restaurants, street artists, pre theatre drinks in retro bars.
  • Convent Garden – quirky boutique shops, pubs galore, warm pies and big pints, people meeting people. (before it was illegal to just hang out on a street corner)
  • London the melting pot of so many cultures, blending together.

Love always, Emma