Floral Tops

We Have A Wide Range of Dresses, Accessories, and Floral Tops for All Occasions

Inspired by cultures across the globe, Naudic continues to evolve to offer trendy garments to women of various preferences, with quality and comfort as our primary focus. Our comprehensive range of floral tops, dresses, and accessories keeps up with the latest trends for assorted styles.

The Benefits of Including Floral Tops for Ladies in Your Wardrobe

Floral tops have the distinct ability to stretch one’s wardrobe, creating more outfits with fewer clothing items. Whether you’re a beginner or a floral enthusiast, prints are a necessity for anyone’s wardrobe. Use them as a show-stopper outfit, or incorporate florals through accessories. However, you wish to wear your florals, we have a comprehensive range to suit different tastes.

  • Florals can bring colour to an otherwise dreary outfit. Everyone has a favourite outfit that’s a bit monochromatic, and while it may be stylish, it could cause you to disappear into the background. Colourful florals can help liven up your outfit, suitable with a plethora of colour palettes.
  • They can create visual intrigue. Floral patterns generate interest in your outfit, making you more visually appealing. Patterns steer the eye to focus on a particular spot and can also camouflage unfavourable areas. They are an effective way of highlighting a specific body part.
  • Our prints come in various colours and patterns, including fun, sophisticated, and classic. From stripes to polka dots and floral tops for women, our garments are sure to fit any desired outfit combination.
  • Many people avoid prints, especially when they’re big and bold. However, these are statement outfits waiting to happen, and we recommend pairing them with neutral accessories for a well-balanced look. If you’re more into pastel prints and patterns, our floral dresses remain a preferred spring fashion item.
  • Ideal for any season, our range of clothing and accessories coordinate with upcoming trends for any occasion. Whether a wedding, festival, family occasion, or a day at the beach, our comprehensive assortment caters to every style.

Tips to Wearing Floral

Floral is a style that has been around throughout many trends and has stuck around through all seasons. If you’re new to wearing floral, start small and gradually incorporate pieces into your existing wardrobe for maximum effect.

  • Less is more. Keeping a balanced look is key when wearing floral prints. When wearing a floral piece like boho floral tops, ensure that this is your only patterned clothing item. More than one pattern may overpower your outfit and make it too busy. Stick to simple accessories like our Basil Earring Set. On the contrary, a solid one-piece dress or romper may benefit from a floral scarf to incorporate some colour into your outfit.
  • Scale your floral prints to flatter. Larger floral prints give the impression of a more extensive surface area; similarly, smaller prints make one’s frame appear more petite. People with generous proportions usually go for smaller patterns for a slimmer look and vice versa. Typically, opt for floral prints no bigger than your hand span for flattering attire.
  • Place your florals strategically. Floral patterns call attention to their placement, so be sure to wear them wisely. Use prints to direct attention to where you want it and divert from where you don’t. If you have unflattering thighs but want to wear white pants, pairing them with floral blouses will assist in detracting from your unwanted areas. If you’re feeling bloated, our full-length floral dresses can hide your stomach, working to your advantage.
  • Avoid big prints with oversized garments. Loose, over-large floral garments often come across as frumpy or unflattering and can even add extra weight to your frame. If you feel more comfortable in bigger sized clothing, opt for neutral florals, or try adding a belt to our floral print dresses to accentuate your curves.
  • Stay with single prints. While mixing prints brings about a daring fashion statement, only seasoned fashionistas can pull it off when floral prints are involved. If you feel like adding a bold statement to your look, add a leather jacket to your outfit instead of competing prints.
  • Floral prints are not seasonal. Just because you can’t grow flowers all year round doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate them into your outfits. Florals are an all-around style, provided you pair them with seasonally appropriate styles and colours. Pair florals with bright colours like yellows and creams during summer, and pair them with maroons and greys for an effortless winter look.

Why Buy Floral Tops Online From Naudic?

From our user-friendly online store, sizing chart, multiple payment options, to free shipping on orders over $150, online clothes shopping has never been more convenient. We strive to make your experience with us pleasant while offering a comprehensive range of clothing and accessories to suit both your taste and your budget. Besides offering some of the most beautiful floral tops in Australia, we provide after-sales support to ensure you’re completely satisfied with your purchase. For more information on our offering, contact us.