Tunic Tops

Tunic Tops Are an Easy Look for Every Occasion

We love the ease that comes with making peace and loving every bit of who you are. It’s as if when we become comfortable in our skin, we live a little louder, a little prouder, and a little more authentic than before. Settling into yourself, some say, comes with age–we believe that it comes with loving everything about you—even the parts that we may sometimes wish were smaller or looked different. We embrace these parts of our body because we know that our body carries us, daily, through long workdays, busy mornings running errands, holidays, and so much more.

We owe so much to our bodies, and with this concept in mind, Naudic celebrates individualistic style. Because you are uniquely made, we believe that your clothing should be, too. Our exclusive, easy-to-wear ranges include something for everyone. One of our favourite options, our tunic tops, are an everyday winner.

Reasons to Love Tunic Tops for Women

Our wardrobe needs to be suitable for any occasion, from dress-up dinners to easy Saturday mornings to throw-over-and-run errands. We have curated a range of summer tunic tops for every instance.

  • Wearing tunic tops is an ‘each to its own’ scenario. Pairing tunics with knee-length shorts and sandals makes for an easy yet stylish and beautiful outfit, ideal for the beach, a walk in the park, or a quick pop into the shops on a weekend. Whether you choose a pastel colour tunic or a bold statement colour, wear it with pride. By adding a bracelet or ring, the outfit speaks to your personality and character. Pairing tunics with skirts works well as a casual look.
  • Black tunic tops create a stylish evening look when you wear them with black skinny jeans and a heel. A black outfit from head to toe creates an elegant silhouette, while wearing a tunic with blue jeans leads to a more informal look. Wedges, another of our favourite options, add a different dynamic to the outfit by making it slightly more informal but fashionable—ideal for a live music event or a romantic dinner.
  • Tunic tops for leggings are here to stay: the comfort and ease of this outfit speak to everyone. The designs of these tunics leave you with freedom of movement as well as confidence for the day. Extra-long tunic tops for leggings reach just above the knee with maximum comfort and freedom to move. Wearing a tunic with leggings is suitable for all occasions, and you can dress it up with jewellery and heels or down with slip-ons.

Related Services to Long Tunic Tops

The history of our brand didn’t start from clothing but rather from the originality of travelling the world. We were inspired by women in India and the colours and weaving of their garments—but India was just the start. Here are some of the additions that we offer:

  • Films by Naudic is a four-part series summarising our global travel adventures. Each short documentary explores a country through our lens. These start in England, travelling to Taiwan and South Africa and rounding off in the United States of America. We are humbled by our experiences and carry a special place in our heart for the kindness that we’ve experienced all over the world.
  • Our blogs exploring different themes around styling and design trends include travelling all over Australia and experiencing everyday life with topics related to work-life balance, purpose, and dreams.
  • Our love affair with India is a lifelong quest to explore this sub-continent. We find the finer artistry reflected in the garments, architecture, dances, and food inspiring. We learn about ourselves and our purpose when we visit. Booking a tour to India with us will give you an authentic view of this land of diversity.

About Naudic

For Emma Puttic (Puttick), founder of Naudic, fashion is a lifelong journey. She started as a scientist in England. Inspired by the Portobello Road markets, a bohemian style took root in her soul, and she started the business officially in 2008. The journey has taken her all over the world to create a bohemian, floral style that is bright, fun, and easy to wear. Her passion for life and freedom serves as the inspiration for her ranges.

What started as a line of cotton embroideries has grown into an exclusive product range filled with dresses, tunics, pants, skirts, accessories, and homeware items. Our following currently extends to New Zealand, South Africa, and the United States of America. Our aim is to connect individuals to themselves and to the planet through both fashion and experiences.

We are proudly Australian owned and operated and offer customers free shipping all over Australia for purchases over AUS$150. We source our products directly from India—they are hand-printed by local families to encourage regional small businesses to thrive. Contact us now to view and order women’s tunic tops as individualistic as you are.