Babylon Collection

The Babylon collection is created with unique block prints in the softest pastel colours of blue, pinks and greens, gentle tones for all skin types (even if you have a temporary tattoo), this collection looks amazing with fine gold jewellery, a big, oversized straw hat, wedges, or espadrilles to give the relaxed coastal look. Throw a straw bag over your shoulder and you’re set for the day.

The styles are tiered, which gives you the choice to wear the dresses belted or loose and flowing. Showcase the waistline by adding a wide neutral belt and drawing it in tightly.


What bottoms to wear?

Wear your Matilda tops and Hacienda tunics from the Babylon Collection, with relaxed white linen or cotton pants, white linen shorts, and light denim skirts or jeans. These tops will also look amazing with a pop of colour from the Hendrix pant range.

Bottoms for Tunic Tops

What shoes to wear?

Any type of shoe can be worn with your Babylon Collection as long as you are comfortable, we like a chunky white sneaker, a classic Greek sandal, a neutral wedge, or a gold strappy flat shoe.

Shoes to wear Tunic tops

What accessories and jewellery will match?

Fine gold jewellery will match, like gold hoop earrings, neutral colours will also work well. An oversized straw hat, cane bag for daytime shopping expeditions. For a funky vibe, a cowboy hat in soft pinks and neutrals to mix things up.

Accessories for tunic tops