Ibiza Bohemia, our first collection for 2022, here we are ready to brighten your wardrobe and breeze through summer living. In this collection we wanted to give you the freedom to feel the dance and enjoy life, through these prints.
Blends of sunset oranges, peachy pinks, dashes of ocean topaz and blues, we've trimmed it with gold and bronze zig zag laces. Handpicked to bring this all to life and delivered in our Ibiza wrapping paper.
Ibiza, a place on our travel bucket list, the inspiration behind the living lifestyle we believe in, a birthplace of the freedom movement.
We have our little piece of Bohemia lifestyle just off the coast of the Queensland mainland.
An island where the dancing still happens, randomly on the beach, skipping into the ocean, playing with friends on the beach.
The first part of the day is the beach walk barefoot, the fresh salty air, enough to get the lungs open and moving.
Along the beachfront are refurbished vintage style caravans selling freshly brewed coffee, ice tea and homemade muffins, jars of protein balls tempting our eyes. Barefoot and straight from the morning walk, is how we turn up for that tasty start to the day.
If you're keen to stretch your body and focus on your breathing, there are locals offering yoga, Pilates in their colourful home and on the beach. The top of the list is relaxation and there is something for everyone.
After the sun sets and before the BBQ is fired up, prawns are laid out on the table, as the second beer or cider of the day is popped open. Markets fire up every Sunday during the busy time, all goodies are handmade by local artists which is expanding by the season as more people choose this way of life, the simplified way of life. Away from the city and hustle and bustle, one that I balance between the two, with the reality of day to day running a business, being creative with fabrics and colours, plus a new hobby, writing.
Our focus is to make you feel good, cool and comfortable, in our new fabrics, shapes and prints, channelling that bohemian lifestyle through to your everyday life, be as colourful and adventurous as you like to be in these prints for the start of 2022.
Emma x