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Spanish Affair




A   R E A L   T A S T E   O F   I N D I A

What comes to mind when you think about India? The iconic Taj Mahal, the mighty river Ganga, exotic spices, and colourful markets teeming with people? This experience is about all of that and so much more. We will lead you to fascinating places, both popular and offbeat. Our fun and insightful storytellers will let you in on these cities' best-kept secrets.

You will relish delicious Indian cuisines, in fine restaurants and in the homes of our warm hosts, and even learn some fine Indian cooking tips. Engaging with local art forms and artists, you will get a first-hand feel of the Indian culture.

Come, join us for an intimate exploration of India and carry back memories for a life-time. We will connect you to India in such a way that you will be experiencing it through the eyes of the people who love their city, a rare glimpse into their world, your eyes and hearts will be opened by connecting with this culture and communities.

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T H E   M I G H T Y  H I M A L A Y A S

This trip offers slices of the Himalayan experience and is designed to create robust and fulfilling interactions with the mountain life – We live in villages (never in the towns), absorb the friendly cultural vibes of the locals (no other tourists), eat local food (not canned), observe natural Himalayan wilderness up close and explore the intense ‘out there’ through adventure.

Our journey starts at the foothills and we make our way slowly through the heartland of Kumaon to the Central Himalayan heights. The drive itself and our stay enroute at Saat-tal (lower Himalayas) and Ranikhet (middle Himalayas) offers insights into the beauty and the diversity of the Kumaon hills.

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F A S H I O N   D E S I G N   &   S O U R C I N G 

Come with us on a journey through India, exploring and connecting with manufactures of all things fashion. Immerse in the vibrant culture of cotton, colour, embroidery, trims and traditions. Feel it, see it, taste it and connect with it. Our focus on this trip will be visting production factories, markets and talk to experts. The aim of the trip is to broaden your fashion connections, overcome any challenges together, whilst on the ground, and give you a real life experience embedded with tradition, craft, culture and personal expression. 

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