Our Travel Mission

Our fierce leader, Emma organizes and plans each trip with a great wealth of knowledge accumulated from many years of travelling the world. The trips are all based on connection, experience, love for the planet and the vast amount of amazing cultures spread across it.


E M M A ' S   T R A V E L   J O U R N E Y
"My journey to where I am today has not followed a clear route. In fact, with each new territory I move into, I am cutting my own path, following my senses to find where I fit, unafraid to take the next step.

I have always been fascinated with what drives people, first trying to understand this at a molecular level with a degree in biotechnology, whilst also dabbling in history and philosophy. However, I was also coming to terms with the possibility that my beautiful mother, who was dying of cancer, was going to leave us much sooner than I realised. To try and understand this, I studied nutrition and self-healing, to try and make sense of what was happening.

It was then I found my next destination. By the time I was 22 I had graduated, lost my mother, and saved enough for a one-way ticket to London. Within a week I was working at the Home Office doing DNA fingerprinting, spending my nights and days off setting my creativity free in buzzing bohemian streets amongst all the personalities of the city, collecting fabrics and second hand clothes. It was here, between the markets of Brick Lane, galleries, gardens, and the cobbled streets of SoHo that an idea was born… but it still had a long way to go.

I wound through the UK, and travelled Europe in a kombi van, working as a ski bum on the Austrian fields eventually finding myself back in Australia. I lived in Sweden, where I had my two beautiful children. I studied an MBA, learning how to sell and starting businesses in biotechnology, IT, and wholesale importing. It was then that those London streets called again, with creativity and community, a desire to continue my journey from decades ago. And so, Naudic was born, a clothing company with a creative home in India, its HQ in Australia, and drawing inspiration from the world.

Naudic is a brand built on my experiences, and my desire has always been to travel and tell the stories of the people I meet, writing, exploring, and listening. Capturing moments in time in different voices from different cultures. Now, Naudic and myself are at the stage to reach out to new territories, creating Round the Globe to capture these adventures in photos, interviews, words, and film. Like the rest of my path to the present, this is a work in progress that never ends, shaped by the people I happen to meet and places I happen to journey to along the way. Join me for the next destination."


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