Finally, the days grow shorter, and the temperatures are softer, the leaves on the trees fall and the colours turn from Summer brights to Autumn hues, the afternoons become a tea room of warm drinks shared with stories of joys and losses, because that’s the essence of the Naudic culture, our tribe of unique women who seek the unknown and the comforts, knowing they are surrounded by similar souls.
We move between both worlds, dipping our toes into the unknowns and then retreating back to our zones of comfort, we are not afraid to venture forth with an open heart, welcome to our new collection for the wild women “Tribal”.
A collection for the women with a young girl’s open heart, the yearning to go out into the world and experience more that your daily life. This is for you, and we are here to encourage you to live your best life, wearing your clothes by Naudic.  We are your tribe watching, encouraging, and supporting.
This collection is a combination of strong prints in a variety of cultural icons from Ikats to ethnic borders, in rich earth colours. The wild sense of exploring the unknown has this tendency to relate to these earthy colours, the resonance of nature and diversity of these palettes and combinations, can satisfy the heart.
Wearing this collection will help with the adapting to the changes and challenges of what we face in our daily lives of being alone. Wild women we need you to show us your true colours and share your experiences in your inner circle.
This is part one of our winter collection, to wear during warm winter sunsets and later sunrises giving us longer time to linger in the morning laid out on a warm and welcoming day bed.  This time of the season is time to slow down and embrace the cooler days, the warmth of layering. 
The Tribal collection has the the prints and style for you to wear when you change your mind and feel like wearing something that will express your nature was your go about the chores and the doings’ that are required.
We have combined prints you would like to wear to transport you to far off and distant places. Share your journeys with us and drop us a line we love hearing from you and what you’ve been up to, the challenges, the joys and the connections. 
This collection represents the strong sense of community, our Naudic tribal community. Open doors and experience the wonderful things that are waiting for you.
Designed for you, love from team Naudic.