As you can tell by now, the journey of Naudic is one with twists and turns, triumphs and trying times. With each new collection and market, there is the potential for one that doesn’t materialise. Most of the time, these unsuccessful attempts are due to nothing in particular – the time, the people (all essential ingredients to a successful launch) are not right. 
Attempting to launch Naudic in the USA is one of these stories. Journeying back over in July, it wasn’t the first attempt at breaking into the USA market – in fact, it was the third. Safe to say, those other two attempts were worth it, as the third has brought the perfect partnership that assures the brand is in the best hands.  Common wisdom is that it takes ten years to get a business started, and it is exactly a decade since we first exhibited in New York. This time, we kicked off at the Miami Swim Show, which proved to be the beginning of an exciting new chapter for the brand. 
I made my way over from Mumbai to Miami to meet the agent and the team. Like many people, I get a bit nervous when I fly into the USA – I’m not sure if it’s the guns in the pockets at the border in the arrivals hall or the anxiety of missing something on the declaration forms about travelling for work – but luckily all went smoothly. 
My week in Miami went by in a flash, a blast of bright lights, long sandy beaches, rooftop bars. The Art Deco style restaurants are filled with extraordinarily good-looking people, and make for fantastic people watching. When we arrived at the swim show, it was in full flight, with runway shows on every night around the pools of these glamorous hotel restaurants. Every step and every show are akin to being in a movie, filled with beautiful people in beautiful places. Each night after the trade show, we found a new bar and restaurant for pre-dinner drinks and after dinner drinks, joined by new friends and potential collaborators. However, the work never stops - in between all this activity, I was lucky enough to be Skyping back to Australia for TVSN shows launching our spring collection. No matter where I am, I always feel connected to home.
Once the trade show was completed, it was time for some exploring. Hopping onto a two-storey tourist bus (that had no shade!) on a sweltering hot Florida summer day, I realised I had forgotten my hat, dashing into the nearest surf shop for an unexpected souvenir of a ‘Miami Beach’-emblazoned visor. Now more appropriately attired, we toured around Miami, into Havana town, along the affluent beachfront neighbourhoods of the rich and famous, learning the history about Hispanic immigration to Florida from all around Latin America. Everything is large in Florida – stretches of sand looking out to the sea, shopping malls separated by huge concrete freeways. 
After the bus tour, the next stop was a boat ride around the man-made islands of some of Miami’s richest residents. Star Island is the place for the next-level holiday homes of the rich and famous, including the doctor who invented Viagra (his house had the biggest, tallest Palm trees to match!). Still wondering what enhancements the palm trees were being fed, we then headed out to the Caribbean Sea and snorkelled for the afternoon.  After the non-stop energy of the trade show, we were just happy to be floating in the water with some sunshine, swimming with the fish and looking at coral. 
Inspiration is everywhere in Florida, drawn from seeing countless pastel terrace houses and apartment buildings on every corner. My first trip back to the USA was a success, one that I had long waited for. On this trip, it felt like everything was falling into place. 
Until next time,