Enjoying a retreat in Kerala is something that I have wanted to do for years (and years, and years), to the point I had become resigned to it never happening. Instead, I put the fate of it in the hands of the universe – when it will happen, it will happen.
2022 has been all about exploring and uncovering, and I’d penciled in a potential opportunity for the retreat in November. My travels circling back to
India at the end of the year would provide the perfect opening to finally make this retreat happen.

My longtime friend Payal and I had always planned to do this together. However, as everyone would know too well, trying to create plans is a fool’s errand, with calendars impossible to align especially as the year comes to an end. It is a mind shift to pause and take time for oneself, as a future investment in your wellbeing.
Eventually, Payal and I were able to find some time to pause, settling
on a week that worked mutually.

The choices for health retreats in India are plentiful, and it is hard to work out what’s the best fit for your needs. So, I rely on my local friends for recommendations of what would work for me. It turned out well for a first timer (and my friends who joined also agreed) - Prakriti Shakti was the best one
they had been to, and they’ve tried a few.

For our retreat, we came from all corners of India – friends flew in from Delhi, I came from Mumbai.

Landing at Kerala airport, there is a distinctive change in the air and colours - it is the greenest state in India, very little pollution and the focus is on recycling and stewardship of nature – and arriving from a city of 27 million, the view was definitely much clearer and crisper.

To reach the health retreat is a 4-hour car ride from the city, taking a long and winding road through the mountains. The area is so secluded, so unreachable that I’m in awe of how the owners found the block of land. The farmland on either side of the road is home to rows of green peppers, the sweetest pineapples to taste, and coffee beans.
If I had known I was going to be going ‘cold turkey’ on such treats the moment I arrived at the wellness retreat, I would’ve stopped and sampled more of the local delights along the way.

The retreat is a combination of diet, rest, and treatments, guided by daily practitioner consultations.

The minimum stay is ten days (I had originally booked for 7, then extended once I discovered how it works). On days one to three, your body and mind are adjusting to your surroundings and the rhythms.
On days four to seven, you go through a healing crisis, where your body starts fixing itself from the stressors of your daily life and your mind unravels.
Days seven to ten are when the real benefits of the retreat kick in, the resetting powers taking root within. Like any fruitful journey, there is no shortcut to these benefits – you need to have the full duration unfold, and endure the
challenges and changes to reach the desired outcome.

Your body is shocked as you let go of caffeine, sugar, digital distractions, and alcohol and only consume natural ingredients and surroundings. Then, the surge of energy happens, aided by a fresh mind and body after seven trying.
I nearly withdrew from the retreat (and I’m not a quitter!), the challenge to reset and remove from the daily rhythms of life so intense. It is thanks to the mud earth wraps, healing hands, and warm baths that I got through (just!).

Prakriti Shakti Naturopath Hospital is in the hills of Kerala. The outlook was filled with endless mountains topped by rolling clouds each afternoon. The temperature was mild, and the noise from the villages was tucked into the hill sides, creating an environment of total peace. What a life these locals live - you can tell from their smiles, belying relaxation and generosity, surrounded by the
healing powers of nature.

After those ten days, I returned to reality with a heavy heart, having become accustomed to the serenity of the mountaintop. The optimal stay is 12 days to two weeks (I think you need to build up to that), a challenge I’ll be undertaking on my visit next year.
Boarding a plane to Mumbai, I was rejuvenated to finish up the business of 2022, revitalised by my retreat.

We are ready to regroup in 2023, going on more adventures, bringing new wares to you, and continuing what was started this year. Thank you for being part of my journey and the Naudic community in 2022.

Join me next year, won’t you?