This year I found myself backpacking around Italy with my daughter. One of my goals for the year was to blend everything I do into my day-to-day life, including my work, sources of creative inspiration, creating memories with family and friends (new and old), then turning it into a lifestyle.

Travelling one on one with my children, this time with Sophia to Italy, took it to another level. I was thrown into the deep end of how to be a tech savvy nomad, using my phone only for everything. Booking a hire car as we arrived at a city, then to navigating the city streets via public transport. I wasn’t allowed to take the easy route when we got hot and tired, I would say let’s just hop in a Uber or taxi? My suggestions were rejected with a no, the bus or train is the way to go.

We giggled and smiled our way around Tuscany, Cinque Terre, and Saint Margarita for nine days with backpacks, one for clothes and the other for the office. It was a true learning experience, we got to sit and chat, people watch and witness the full spectrum of Italian colours and prints in every corner we turned.

There is something special about the way the Italian's dress, from the waiters at a 5-star restaurant to the locals sitting around in cafes, there is a style that is relaxed but tailored. Since it was still warm, the bold summer colours were all out in patchwork prints and Mediterranean brights. We often sat with our afternoon ice-cream people watching the hub of activities in these historical towns.

The glassware, tableware and buildings were all matching in the same colour palette. I loved the street walking and driving through the small villages, a feast for the eyes. Italy was a great place to practise this new lifestyle, especially with Sophia, now we look back and love seeing the memories in our photos. Here’s a few snaps and a Naudic Collection is now a work in progress for release next year.

As my aunt says, until paradise comes along Italy will do.

Enjoy, Emma xx