Hello, and happy autumn!
 The days are getting longer, the leaves and flowers changing, and the nights cooler. At last, it’s time to start getting out the cardigans and blankets, and planning those cosy escapes.
  This collection was inspired by the feelings of confinement of last autumn - sitting around by myself, drinking endless cups of tea, with not much to do. I was waiting for what would come next, for the next adventure, which would hopefully lie around the corner. Now, with some exceptions, that has come - the borders are opening, the world is reigniting, flowers are blooming, and we are moving again.
I felt like Alice in Wonderland last year. Tired of staying in one place when movement to far away places had become my norm, I never knew how I’d once again break beyond my house. But, I gave it time. I enjoyed the conversations with my friends and family over longer lunches and morning teas, relishing the new slowness in my everyday life. In my spare time, I curiously looked through every door, every angle, every walk, for inspiration.
 This collection is an injection of pops of colours in sweetpea greens, tigerlily pinks and jasmine blues, These tones are not bright and fresh but lived-in, worn as we wander down the lanes of imagination into our wonderland, feeling fresh with these new shapes of Autumn.
 There’s also the styles that we look forward to with the change of seasons, as the days cool and allow for longer bell sleeves, dress hems, and embellishments with trims that mix influences from East and West. Together, they create a collection that is emblematic of our times, from inspiration to creation. 
In keeping with our new way of life, we worked with our partners in India via remote communications. I wanted to pull everything together - from the sourcing of fabrics, to the campaign, the surprise video, and the story telling - into one collection, that could show what is possible under the challenges. Despite our distance, uncertainty, and the still foreign nature of this, we can still create and deliver uniqueness that is true to the Naudic brand. We are fun, adventurous, and creative, with a touch of storytelling and magic.
 We hope this collection enhances and reignites your sense of adventure, and takes you to wherever you’d rather be - whether that’s close by, or far away. My wonderland is India - where this campaign was photographed, a country and people that fired up my imagination. I hope, in this collection, that you see my memories, forged by conversations and walks down every laneway I have wandered. Where is your wonderland?
Until next time,