I'm a fabric softie, whenever we receive a delivery of new fabrics I'm straight into the boxes hunting for the smallest package, which is  usually at the bottom of the last box. Being constantly inspired by fabrics, colour and making people feel good, it was about 7 years ago with one of my sisters that we came up with the concept for our sister brand Vintage by Naudic.

I’d just received some beautiful antique looking fabrics from one of our Indian suppliers at the time. It felt like Naudic, with a softer and feminine feel. We were walking together along Frenchman Beach, I still remember the day, as she was pointing out the rocks, the sand and the water, we were saying imagine these colours dyed on this fabric, with a whitewash feel.

It needed an connection to Naudic, a new name, so we called it Vintage by Naudic. Yesterday we were super excited to release our first collection for 2021 from the Spring range, Romance is Born, and I feel Vintage has really blossomed over the last year. Because of the power of the sisterhood (and brotherhood) we’ve sourced the most amazing silk muslin, a new type of fabric for us to wear. The linen is lightweight and has an earthy feel.

The first time I put these on to wear, it felt like I'd stepped back in time, as they made me feel whimsical, with an effortless sophistication. Nostalgic for walks through Provence in Spring time. Plus the attachment to our Indian partners, in their care in all the detailing, the embroidery work is a special handwriting of Vintage.

I’ve really enjoyed creating and designing this collection, the embroidery work is done in bronze threads with touches of tiny silver sparkles, neatly placed. The embroidery machinists are originally from Bengal, but had to move to Bombay because of work. They were super shy, but I asked if we could video them for a short amount of time, to show the care, and touch that goes into every piece.

Once again the connections we have with our suppliers and customers is strong, so we can deliver this collection to you. There are some classic Naudic shapes which you’ll recognise, plus something new for when you're needing a change in the wardrobe for a new experience. Enjoy these fabrics, they feel special and we hope you head out to create fun and happy memories, wearing this collection.

Drop us a line. We love to hear how you're going and what your favourite piece is. 

I'll be wearing the Molly Dress in Apricot this weekend as I head over to the island.


Emma x