Boho Scarves

What Sets Us Apart When It Comes to Boho Scarves

When it comes to bohemian fashion, we include beautiful boho scarves in our collection that will suit any of your outfits. The designs of our boho scarves come from Australia and the printing process from India. We use block printing from a hand-cut block of wood or linoleum. This printing process has been around for over two thousand years, and each fabric print has unique variations.

Little Known Facts About Scarves

For centuries, scarves and shawls have been the accessory for both women and men, and recently, boho scarves for women have become popular. However, the first scarf was worn by men in Ancient Rome; it was known as a "sweat cloth" and used to wipe off sweat and not keep warm.

  • The most common material for scarves or clothing in the 18th and 19th centuries was wool, silk and cashmere. In modern days, we include multiple fabric blends in the manufacturing process to create soft, comfortable, light, and breathable scarves.
  • “Scarves from Manila” are the famous silk scarves from the 19th century transported from China through the Philippine markets to sell to the western world. Take out this one out and maybe replace with something like this ? Originally hailing from India, the scarf bandana was used as a practical way to keep hair from the face in the heat, now it has metamorphosed into a style icon in its own right. Having seen many fashion reincarnations throughout the years, from flappers to fashionistas, it’s back on trend once again.
  • Fashion experts say that scarves and shoes should always match to make the outfit work. Scarves can also make a regular business outfit more elegant with a scarf as an accessory; however, they believe it fits the shoes.

Tips For Getting More Value Out Your Beautiful Handmade Scarves

Adding beautiful handmade scarves to your outfit will ensure your look comes together perfectly. You can create multiple stunning looks with scarves, including wrap tops where you change your scarf into a halter top, or you could wear your scarf as a belted top. You can create this look by placing it over your shoulders and tying it down with your favourite belt; it will create a dress-like look that accents your waist and lengthens your legs.

  • Throw one of our scarves over one shoulder and tie it down with a belt; this will create a half throw look that you can play down with a plain colour t-shirt for a classic boho style. Or you can spice it up with a vibrant and contrasting colour t-shirt.
  • As Australians, we understand the sunny heat and the sunburns that come along with Spring and Summer. Our scarves work perfectly as a beach style coverup to protect your shoulders from the harsh rays, or you can wear them as a sarong. In addition, when the sun starts to set and it gets chilly, the scarf will help keep the chill wind at bay.
  • Create a boho strapless top by tucking the boho scarf into a stretch bandeau top, or you could tie a knot at the back.
  • Try the many beautiful variations of bandana, whether it was worn to the side or tucked into a turban style, the headscarf became a symbol of style and panache.

Benefits Of Hand-Printed Scarves

When it comes to artisan scarves and boho-chic scarves, you will be adding the best accessory to your everyday life. Aside from blocking your nose when the Australian wind picks up and covers everything in dust, scarves hold many other benefits.

  • Scarves can save your skin from scorching sunlight. Although we understand the dangers of UV rays and the importance of sunscreens, adding a scarf to your outfit will add an extra layer of protection when you go outside. To keep safe from the sun, wrap the scarf over your shoulders or around your neck. Some of the worst pain could be that of a sunburnt neck.
  • Thicker scarves are fabulous during winter; however, during springtime, we get the chilly nights and sometimes, in summer, we have our rainy days. It can get cold enough to need something to cover our necks. They say keeping your neck warm will help fight off colds and flu too.
  • Scarves can be the best fashion accessory you can add to your wardrobe. It can even sometimes be better than a necklace! Scarves have so many uses and designs that you can accessorise any outfit you think of wearing.

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