Naudic Sao Paulo Dress

Our Naudic Sao Paulo Dress Range Has Many Styles and Prints Available

Our large range includes dresses that are all designed in Australia and manufactured in India from fabric sourced in India, many of which are hand-printed by Indian families. The fabric prints are all inspired by the Bohemian styles of the Portobello Road markets in London and other influences that our founder and designer has seen during her travels through Sweden, India, Africa, and South-East Asia. We offer a variety of styles of dresses, tops, pants, and skirts in various prints.

Our Naudic Sao Paulo dress range has a variety of styles with knee-height, midcalf, and ankle-length skirts, varying sleeve lengths, and many different floral patterned fabrics, all made from 100 percent cotton. Each Sao Paulo dress style is uniquely embroidered around the neckline. This Naudic dress range works nicely with a belt and sneakers or slides and a knitted jumper or leather jacket in cooler weather for an edgy look.

The Benefits of Naudic

Our women’s clothing label is for women of all ages. We’ve designed it to be bright, fun, and comfortable to wear, especially in summer. All of our collections are available for purchase online, and we also offer wholesale options to stockists who meet our criteria.

  • We regularly bring out new collections and look for unique fabric prints to ensure that our clothing designs remain fresh and unique.
  • We offer several payment options to make your online shopping experience as easy as possible. The options available include Apple Pay, Google Pay, Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, and Shop Pay.
  • You can also purchase a Naudic gift card that allows the recipient to select exactly what they like.

Products Related to Our Sao Paulo Dress Collection

We have a variety of tops in our Sao Paulo range that have the same cotton fabric prints to pair well with jeans, shorts, leggings, and skirts. Along with our collection of dresses, we have tops, skirts, pants, and accessories that complement our garments perfectly with their floral and Bohemian style. All of these options are available online along with accessories, including jewellery, bags, scarves, and belts.

  • Our jewellery collection includes a selection of necklaces, earrings, earring sets, chockers, and bracelets.
  • Made from 100 percent cotton, our Naudic designed tiger tote bags feature a unique picture of a tiger embroidered on them.
  • Our genuine leather belts are available in several eye-catching designs.

Fun Fact About Our Fabric Printing Process

We source our fabrics from India. For our prints, we often have the designs hand-printed onto the fabric by Indian families. This slow process is well worth it, as the end product is a unique print with high attention to detail. For the prints on our scarf fabrics, we use the process of block printing, making use of a block of wood or linoleum that has the pattern hand-carved onto it so that the pattern protrudes from the block. Designers place ink over the pattern and stamp it onto the fabric.

Contact us for info on any of our unique products or if you’re struggling to find your size in your favourite Naudic Sao Paulo dress online.