Last week we launched our December Collection, Havana Nights - Part 2. One of the print stories is called Goa, inspired by a trip I did with my oldest friend Sharyn. We’ve known each other since 13 and never travelled together, I really wanted her to experience India, together with me, otherwise it is a land she might have missed out on feeling.
2018 was a milestone year for birthdays, we were all turning 50. I really wanted my closest circle to feel the country I had been discovering through Naudic. I invited them to join me on one of my creative trips.
Sharyn couldn’t make it for that trip, at first I was disappointed, but I knew I would be going back so we planned a one-on-one trip later in 2018. It turned out for the better because we were able to stay at my friend Payal’s family house in Dona Paula. The house had a magical spirit about it, the type that makes the hairs on your arms stand up, after staying there for a few nights we learnt why.
I've been journaling since I was a kid, when I travelled I took a new journal for every year, they are great listeners. I turned some of writings then into blogs. In Goa I started writing about the round the globe doco films we had made the year before, this is when it started to take shape, towards a new project I'm working on.
 I had to dig deep into the travel archives to find this print inspiration, the Blog story is here. I hope you enjoy the print collections this month, this story and staying magical in the festive season, with a piece of Naudic covering you for happy occasions.
Keep smiling,
Emma x