The first time we ever laid our eyes on Aari embroidery was when we met our first partners at a trade show in Sydney, the bright colourful Aari embroidery was all over cushions and homewares, it stood out as something completely different.
We asked, hey would you like to experiment and try that beautiful embroidery on our Naudic tops? They said yes, and that’s how it started. We kicked off with our first collection of Aari’s back in 2007. No photos from that time, but the memory is vivid and we still see fans wearing their original pieces.

The embroidery technique has been around a lot longer than our brand, it originated in India back in the 12th century, throughout the regions of Kutch and Kashmir. The embroidery would be found on the long skirts worn by women, or on home textiles. The design motifs would traditionally be florals and followed by animals and other figures. We’ve changed it up a bit by adding in a bit of extra bling detailing by including some mirror work in the middle of the florals.

One of the best parts of the design process is to experiment with different colour combinations. Tonal embroidery against neutral colour palettes is striking and classic. Also mixing in bold brights against sorbet hues, feels instantly summerlike.

We’ve tried a lot of these combinations over years, here’s a snapshot of the classic Naudic Aari’s throughout the timeline starting form 2012, when we did our first campaign at Rae’s On Wategos Bay.

One of our special customers who has a library of pieces collected over the years, converted a favourite piece into a cushion which now sits on her bed, a lovely way to keep Aari pieces alive. 

I’m always a fan of multi colours on white, it is a classic resort look for the Summer. Pop's of bright colours work well with white skirts and shorts, plus denim, it’s endless and free with Aari. 

If there is a special design you would like to see us bring back on the next collections, please let us know, we are open to feedback and bringing back some classics again in new variations. It’s as timeless as the technique and woven into our brand story for each Summer.

Emma x