The GC hot spot destination to have fun in the sun, one of Australia’s favourite pastimes, living life outside on the beach. Long shadows from the GC high-rises give relief from the sun, allowing you to sit and have beach picnics with family and friends, as the kids run wild in the surf, sand and sun.
Not only does it have the beach, the GC hinterland has rainforest, being one of Australia’s most diverse cities, all types of wildlife, fish, reptiles, koalas, heaps of birds, which can be visited at some of the theme parks along the resort strips like the Currumbin Bird Sanctuary.
Leave the beach and head to one of the many cocktail and beer gardens, long lunches of prawn salads with a cold beer. 300 days of sunshine, sub-tropical bliss to have this destination on our doorstep.
I’m happy with a beach walk, jumping in and out of the waves, followed by an afternoon drink, the landscape is apartment blocks for those who have decided a sea change is the best change. Old style originals being replaced by skyscrapers with long water views.

The locals enjoy easy living, normal forms of transport are bike or skateboards, unless you’re on the highway, then it’s city cars and colourful combi vans.


The Gold Coast brings back memories of childhood days, Sunday drives with the family, ice-cream, and coconut oil. A city marketed around sun, surf and bikinis, it’s a top destination to throw in a piece of Naudic and hop on the plane, which is just opening up and we are excited to start to see distance friends again real soon.

Enjoy Emma x