Colours and the way they work together, is a daily activity here at Naudic HQ. From creating mood  boards, to mixing fabrics, prints and laying it out into a collection, we often have at least 2 to 3 versions till we are all happy, then it goes out to market with a campaign story. We then all breathe a sigh of relief. 

Everything we do starts with a colour palette, followed by a country, usually one we have visited. This blog story is about the countries I’ve visited a few times, in different season. The seasons I’ve  written about are the ones that stood out as unique in colour combinations. 

 Autumn in Stockholm, one of my favourite times of the year, right after the long days of Summer when the sun rarely goes down. The leaves around the city would fall, creating layers of different  textures, colours from yellow to burnt oranges. Shades of mocha, which turned to brown slush as the winter set in, my least favourite time of year, with sub- zero temperatures. Autumn was the last chance to get out and walk the streets without the layers. 
Summer on Stradbroke Island walking over Adder Rock, heading towards the sunset. At the end of  the day the water is deep indigo, the waves are bright white, within 30 minutes the sky changes through  all colours of red, orange and pinks before the day turns to the black starry sky. It’s the lovely time before dinner, chatting and games around the campfire. 
Winter in Agra, when the sun is still warm, the air is cool, all hours of days can be spent outdoors without overheating. We used to walk through the alleyways, spice markets, temples and locals’ homes. In Agra, all the blues, turquoise, lime greens, pinks, and washed-out Kaleidoscope of all of  these was the best vision. Being so cool we would then layer up to keep going on the exploring  walks, not wanting the day to end. 

Spring in Provence, I’ve visited France a few times at this time of year, and there is so much colour, in shades of lavender, soft pinks, whites, green, in pretty cottage gardens, along the hillsides of  Provence. A blissful experience, when we were touring around in the combi van we would always have fresh lavender tied together and hanging from the rear-view mirror as we drove through the Countryside.